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Home scouting is one of the best programs to use when searching for new properties. Some people might use Zillow or Trulia but the issue with these real estate search engines is that they are missing at least 30% of the listings that are out there. These websites don’t have direct access to the MLS that agents use. Home Scouting has 100% of the listings that are on the MLS and it also provides a user friendly interface. You can access Home Scouting here on Doug’s website by finding the Home Search tab which will link you to Home Scouting or you can download the Home Scouting app directly to your smart phone. When you enroll use Doug’s updated VIP code: DougH (not case sensitive) and you can start searching like a pro today.


Dear 30-Somethings, I Hope You Won’t Make These Mistakes in Life

Listen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman along with Tom Terbrock discuss 10 mistakes 30-somethings shouldn’t be making.


1. Making Work a Priority

2. Forgetting Your Passion for Money

3. Not Taking Care of Your Body

4. Neglecting Your Family

5. Being Negative

6. Thinking You’re Too Old

7. Forgetting Yourself

8. Living Too Safely

9. Not Traveling Enough

10. Leaving Feelings Unspoken



These 10 mistakes 30-somethings shouldn’t be making were posted by: Sarah Anton on LifeHack.org






Auto Insurance Facts vs. Fiction

Auto Insurance Quick Facts!
Below are some facts versus what some may otherwise think!                      

The realities and comments are simple answers.

Keep in mind that some questions can offer more complex answers – however keeping it simple!



Red cars cost more to insure because they get pulled over for speeding more.
• Reality: Car color doesn’t affect insurance rates.

If I cause a crash with extensive damages to others, my auto insurance company can cancel me immediately.
• Reality: If an insurer wants to drop a customer due to claims, it generally has to wait until the policy period is up.

Small cars are the cheapest to insure.
• Reality: Small and mid-size SUVs and minivans are generally the cheapest to insure. Small cars are not, often because they’re chosen by more inexperienced drivers who tend to make claims, and because passengers incur more expensive injury claims.

Comprehensive auto insurance covers everything and anything.
• Reality: Comprehensive coverage is tragically misnamed. It covers only narrow portions of possible problems, including car theft, storm damage, animal collisions and vandalism.

Thieves prefer to steal new cars.
• Reality: It’s more lucrative to steal old cars and sell them for parts.

If my friend borrows my car and crashes it, their insurance will pay for damage.
• Reality: You and your insurance are on the hook when someone else drives your car.

Out-of-state speeding tickets can’t follow you home.

• Reality: Oh yes they can.

Thanks for taking the time to read!


Toby Trentadue

American National Insurance Company

15455 Conway Rd | Suite 360

Chesterfield, Mo 63017

P:636.346.1940 / F:636.277.9722


Debt Collection Practices

Listen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman alongside Tom Terbrock and Stephen Schultz with Schultz & Myers law firm discuss questions about debt collection practices.


Collection Agencies Vs. Auto dialers

When it comes to different types of debts the Federal Trade Commission is the governing body. What types of debts are covered by this act?

If I’m dealing with identity theft what should be my course of action when dealing with debt collectors?

Are debt collectors allowed to call me at work?

Who are collection agencies allowed to talk to about my debt?

What are some of the practices that are off limit for debt collectors?


If you need advice in this area reach out to Schultz & Myers law firm at (314) 444-4444










Dear 20-Somethings, If You Don’t Know These 7 Important Things About Money and Finance, You’ll Regret It in 10 Years

Listen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman along with Tom Terbrock discuss 7 important things about money and finance that 20-somethings must know.

1. Pay Yourself First

2. Learn how to Leverage the Power of Compound Interest

3. Grow Your Financial Education

4. Know Your Credit Score and Keep it Up

5. Live Within Your Means

6. Learn to Use Discipline to Manage Income and Expenses

7. Learn to Manage Your Emotions Around Money
The 7 Important Things about Money and Finance were posted by: Eva Forde on LifeHack.org



Top 10 Tips For Time Management

Listen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman along with Tom Terbrock discuss the top 10 tips for time management.

1. Never envisioning or thinking about tomorrow.

2. Not planning ahead.

3. Starting their day late.

4. Focusing on doing the wrong thing.

5. Getting distracted along the way.

6. Going through each day without aims, targets and goals.

7. Not having a to-do list.

8. No rest and all work.

9. Being too free and not moving forward.

10. Being a perfectionist.


The 10 Tips for Time Management were posted by: Shawn Lim on LifeHack.org




Time To Refinance

We are in the beginning wave of a refinance tsunami. For the last 20 months interest rates have been above 4 percent. For the first time in almost two years interest rates are below 4 percent. A good way to look at this opportunity would be not the amount of money you could be saving but the amount of money you’re losing every month by not refinancing. Listen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman alongside Tom Terbrock discuss the questions listed below to find out if refinancing is right for you. If you’d like free advice text/call Doug Haldeman at (314) 472-DOUG(3684)



How long will it take me to recover my refinance costs?

If someone plans on moving in a short period of time is refinancing worth it?

What does a point represent/should you pay in to points to buy an interest rate down?

When shouldn’t I refinance?

If I do decide to refinance is It cheaper with my current lender or should I shop around?





15 Money-Saving Strategies for Couples

Listen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman discuss 15 money-saving strategies for couples and talk about some of their own strategies as well.

The 15 strategies for couples was posted by: Kayla Matthews on LifeHack.org





5 Credit Habits to Break in 2015

Listen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman along with Tom Terbrock discuss the most important habits to break in the new year.


The 5 credit habits were posted by: Becky Frost on Trulia.com


Market Update: Rates Lower Than They Have Been in The Last Two Years

Rates have dropped lower than we’ve seen in the last two years. 30 year fixed rates are back in the 3% which will create a massive refinance boom. We are at the front end of this boom however, sometimes we get dips in rates and they jump back up making right now the perfect time to refinance. One of the first opportunities would be for someone who has purchased a home in the last two years; your interest rate is most likely higher than rates are now. Even if your interest rate is in the low to mid 4% you could still save a lot of money by refinancing.

People who have bought homes in the last few years have Primal Mortgage Insurance or Mortgage Insurance Premium for FHA loans. Your actual interest rate is your interest rate plus the mortgage insurance factor. For instance, if someone bought on an FHA loan at 4.5% and FHA was at 1.35% for their monthly mortgage insurance you can add that on making 5.85% your actual interest rate. You should be looking at the combination of these numbers because that’s what you might save.

For many years we have seen Underwriting guidelines constrict making it tougher for people to qualify and demanding more money down. Now we are seeing this go in the opposite direction with two big changes that have happened.

A few years ago Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac started requiring instead of 3% down it would be 5% down. They have now loosened that up by creating a 3% down program called My Community. This program is mainly for first time home buyers who are below the median income for the year. In St. Louis this would be under $67,100, they also have to take a home buyers education class. By doing this they can get in a Conventional loan for only 3% down.

This week FHA announced that they were finally cutting their mortgage insurance premiums. Because FHA lost so much money over the course of several years they continued to ration up what they would charge on a month basis. There used to be a mortgage insurance factor of .5% extra on your interest rate. The mortgage insurance factor went from .5% to 1.35% within a five year span. The big change that FHA announced this week was that the mortgage insurance factor would be cut from 1.35% to .85% which is half a percent of savings. An example would be, if you have a $150,000 loan your monthly mortgage insurance payment would be about $165, with this new change you would save $60 a month and $720 a year. This would be a 36% decrease on your MIP. Anyone who has bought their home in the last couple years with an FHA loan can now not only refinance and save on the interest rate but you can also save on the mortgage insurance.

If you or anyone you know is in an FHA loan get in touch with Doug right away so that he can review your situation to see if there is an opportunity for you to save. On an FHA loan we can do a streamline refinance where frequently you don’t even need an appraisal. This is one of the only programs available where you can still do it without an appraisal. If you’d like more information you can call or text Doug Haldeman at 314-472-DOUG (3684)


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