How To Interview A Realtor When Selling Your Home

real estate agentWhen selling your home, choosing the Realtor who will represent your best interests is one of the most important and one of the first steps in the process.  Unfortunately, many sellers do not understand how important this is or believe that to be the case.

A piece of advice if you are thinking about selling your home, do not hire a Realtor because they are just your friend or because they are a colleagues spouse.  Every Realtor is different, period.  There are many consumers who believe every Realtor is the same and they all do the same things to sell homes, which is the farthest from the truth!  Each Realtor runs their business differently, advertises in different places, and utilizes different sales techniques.

Here are some common questions you should ask when interviewing a Realtor to sell your home.  

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Why You Need a True Mortgage PRO!

Doug Show CardAdvertising will often make consumers believe that they can walk into their local bank or call an online lender to get a mortgage. This may be fine as long as your situation is simple. However, a large percentage of mortgage applicants have situations that make them unique. Mortgage guidelines change very rapidly. There are tax consequences that differ between mortgage options. And, the mortgage needs to be considered a financial instrument that can help you build wealth over time.


You won’t get advice like this from the loan hacks at many of the big banks, credit unions, or online lenders. You need a true professional that studies the mortgage guidelines and everything surrounding the largest piece of debt that you will take on as a consumer. Below are a few recent rule changes that are examples of underwriting guidelines that most lenders won’t know.

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5 Crucial Questions To Plan Your Mortgage

Doug Show CardHas Your Mortgage Banker Committed Malpractice? I was fortunate that early in my career one of my mentors gave me some great advice:  “prescription without diagnosis is malpractice”.  That advice has helped me build a thriving mortgage practice thousands of followers.  I realize that what separates the average Loan Originator from the great ones are the questions that they ask.  By not asking the probing questions that a consumer doesn’t know to ask, you may end up with a loan that costs you thousands of extra dollars over time.  This is no different than a doctor not asking the questions necessary to make a diagnosis before he starts writing a prescription. A home is frequently your largest investment, and your largest debt!  Your mortgage is no longer just a mortgage, but more of a financial instrument.  It should literally weave into your long and short term financial, investment, and life plan. Together with my clients, we form a debt strategy that leads to wealth creation over time. To truly understand a client’s needs, these five questions are crucial:

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Saving Money On A Gym Membership

join our gymDoug and Tammie review how to save money on a gym membership can lead to exercising good judgement.

#1 Never ever ever ever sign a gym contract

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Inquiries: Losing Points On Your Credit Score

3d rendering of a credit card cut into pieces

How many points does a credit inquiry make you lose?

You all know this person, and if you don’t it’s probably because it’s you. The person who opens up their wallet or purse to see  every store credit card that is known to man/woman. This is all due to that delightful store clerk asking them at every store if they want that tremendous 20% off today’s purchases by applying for their store card.

Other than having too many revolving accounts, these types of individuals are also being crippled with “too many inquiries” (as indicated on your credit report).

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First Time Home Seller

Sold-signMost first time home sellers have no idea where or how to start the home selling process.

It’s very important that first time home sellers understand what the home sale process entails, what costs are associated with selling a home, and many other very important aspects of the home selling process.

Decide What Your Next Move Is

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How To Choose Which Debts To Pay Off First

which-debt-to-pay-off-first1-300x300Even most experts make the wrong choices when choosing which debts to pay off first.  For an example if you received $30,000 and you are faced with the decision on what debt to pay first will you make the right choice?

Andy Prescott from the approached this topic.  Check out his post at:

The post Which debt to pay off first? 98% of Personal Finance Bloggers are wrong! appeared first on The Art of Being Cheap.

Rethinking Your Resolutions

resolutionsNew year, new you, new home. The calendar change always invites all sorts of resolutions, some of them attainable, many of them impractical and stress-inducing.  But changes needn’t be big or difficult to be life-altering. Here are some financial–related New Year’s resolutions you can make for 2016 that will pay big dividends with minimal effort. Read More »

The Art and Science of Connection


By Jo Rossi and Kavin Chambers

We had the pleasure of being guests on the Doug Haldeman radio show to discuss our upcoming course, The Art and Science of Connection: Fostering an Authentic Relationship (ASC).  Connection is a concept that is difficult to define definitively because it is absolutely subjective. What connection means for me will be vastly different from what it means to you.   In the course, we will discuss the major keys to connection – trust, willingness, awareness, vulnerability and the ability to be present.  We will explore the ins and outs of human connection – how you attract and maintain it, the barriers between you and connection, the costs of living without it and the benefits of living with it. Read More »

Investing In Real Estate As A Couple: Part 1

IMG_1080Real estate investing is not a “get rich quick” scheme.  Just as any home needs a solid foundation so does your real estate education.  This is key to your long term investing success.

First ask yourself a few questions:

Do we have a clear understanding of what type of real estate properties are best suited for our specific investment objectives and time lines?  (Ex: Cash Flow, Location, Tax-Advantages, Time)

Do we have a written criteria for selecting our investment property?

Have we figured out the strengths and weaknesses of each person?

Do we have a checklist to evaluate a property to help communicate our expectations and minimize surprises?

Do we as individuals understand the potential pitfalls of investement property?

Does our real estate model include carrying costs?  (Ex: Utilities, Taxes, Maintenance)

Do we have unbiased mentors to help provide guidance on our real estate decisions?

If Yes to these questions….Then Celebrate you are ahead of the game!  If not, consider meeting with Doug Haldeman to address these potential issues.   You can call  or email 314-472.3684 or

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Investing as a couple Audio 1

Investing as a couple Audio 2

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