Five Phases to Streamline Your Finances: Part 1

Paying bills and keeping up with financial documents can be a challenging task. It is important to come up with methods that make sure the details are covered, information is secure, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it. On today’s show Doug shares three parts, including five phases, that if you follow will simplify your financial life. Read More »

Five Phases to Streamline Your Finances: Part 2

In part 1 of Five Phases to Streamline Your Finances Doug went over what requirements are necessary to simplify your finances and the five phases on how to get there. In part 2 Doug will cover different steps on getting your financial life simple and keeping it that way!

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Five Phases to Streamline Your Finances: Part 3

In part 2 of the Five Phases to Streamline Your Finances Doug covered different steps on getting your financial life simple and keeping it that way. In part 3 Doug explains why going paperless with your finances is the simplest bill paying method and how to go paperless effectively.

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Greece Crisis / How Long Will a Hard Credit Inquiry Impact your FICO Score?

Greece’s source of danger is it’s banking system. The European Central Bank input additional emergency funding on Friday to allow the banks to open on Monday. With a lot more funding needed, the ECB will become more hesitant to put in new money unless the Greek government secures an agreement with its European partners. A meeting of European leaders has been called for Monday to negotiate and come to an agreement. The purpose is to find a compromise so that Greece would agree to a set of economic reforms, creditors would provide additional debt relief, and at least 7 billion euros of previously committed funds would be released immediately to help Greece navigate its tough payments schedule over the next few weeks.

The Greek government will face extremely difficult choices in this negotiation. If it agrees to the demands of its creditors, Greece will be breaking its electoral promises and undermining what it has stood for. If Greece holds out it risks seeing a series of severances that include a downfall of the banking system, a fast collection of payments to creditors and suppliers, the collapse of capital controls, and the issue of government IOUs to meet pensions and other government obligations.

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Dina Farrar – Real Estate Expert

DinaFarrar-ShowcardFinalDina Farrar, West County Realtor for the MacDonald Team and owner of Spotless Cleaning Services joins Doug and Tammie to illuminate on her success. Dina has been in Real Estate for 13 years and has been highlighted on HGTV House Hunters and Fox 2!

Tune in to hear how Dina has become successful as not only a realtor but a business owner too! For more information you can contact her directly at (314) 397-6335 or Visit the MacDonald Team’s website

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Student Loans: Is There a Reason Not to Pay Them Off?

buyingahome-gold-copy-300x300Adrian Kleeschulte sticks around to help Doug and Tammie weed out the false and the facts of student loan payments and how they can affect your ability to purchase a home. Read More »

Adrian Kleeschulte: Automated Underwriting

AdrianKleeschulte-ShowcardAdrian Kleeschulte, Senior Loan Officer at Cornerstone Mortgage teams up with Doug to help explain what the differences are with Underwriting today versus 20 years ago.

An Underwriter is an individual that analyzes your documents to verify you meet your loan program’s guidelines and gives you the approval to close. Automated Underwriting is a computer system that takes a full loan application and then analyzes all the different layers of risk to approve or deny you. If you are approved automated underwriting will give you an approved eligible result which means you are approved and eligible with the guidelines. Along with an approved eligible result you will be given a list of items that you need to provide to verify the information that you put in the computer. After the processor has gathered everything on your approved eligible list, your file is then given to an underwriter who will go through and make sure everything on the list is present.

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy-Fathers-DayAdrian Kleeschulte, Senior Loan Officer at Cornerstone Mortgage joins Doug on today’s show to share some of their favorite moments of being a dad. Read More »

Raising Your EQ: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an interpersonal effectiveness that starts with your ability to recognize emotions, understand them, and realize how they affect the people around you. Perceiving, reasoning, understanding, and learning how to manage your emotions are four steps to build up your EQ. Emotional intelligence really ties in to your success at life whether it be work, marriage, or friendships. Generally, studies show that most financial decisions are made from emotional reasons. To be able to recognize and control your emotions so that financial decisions don’t have to be driven by them is to find a balance.

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How is Convexity Selling Increasing Interest Rates?

iStock_000006510404XSmallWhat is the cause of interest rates increasing over the last few weeks?  Convexity selling by bond traders is the cause.

Here is how it works:

When Fannie Mae sells bonds the prices of those bonds are what determine your interest rates. This creates convexity selling and buying the buyers of these bonds are typically bond funds. The portfolio managers in bond fund must state their objective of the bond so that investors know what to expect when they buy the bond. The longer term the investment the greater the return needs to be. The shorter term of a bond a smaller return is expected. Generally, these bonds are 30 years, does that mean the investors money is going to be out there for a full 30 years? No. People may refinance or sell their home.

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