Are the Haldeman’s the Next Brady Bunch?

Playground GangDoug and Tammie give a family update and cover what it’s like to have eight kids in a blended family.  Listen in to find out how finances and time management look completely different in a large family.





Realtor Safety

Beverly Carter

The murder of Beverly Carter in Arkansas sent shock waves through the Realtor community nationally.  This case brought awareness to all Realtors about their vulnerability, and the precautions that are necessary.  Maggie MacDonald from Cooper Realty Group at Keller Williams joins us in studio as we talk about some of the changes that have been necessary in the Realtor community. Read More »

The Devil is in the Details – Where Real Estate Transactions Go Wrong

Devil in the Details
Have you ever had a home purchase or mortgage transaction die because of a detail that you never thought of?  Maggie MacDonald from Cooper Realty Group at Keller Williams joins us to cover how the Devil is in the Details: where real estate transactions go wrong and how to prevent them.  In our interview we break down into the three professions that cover the details and have to deal with solving problems as they occur.  We answer all of the questions below in our in-depth interview:

maggie macdonald
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Homes for Heroes

Heroes Group PicTo find out more info or to Register for Homes for Heroes: Visit

What is Homes for Heroes? – Homes for Heroes was started just after the tragic events of 9/11 as our way to give back to heroes like those that bravely put themselves in harm’s way to help others that day. It’s a community minded company whose purpose is to provide help for community heroes who are buying, selling, or refinancing a home.

How long has Homes for Heroes been around? Homes for Heroes is a National company that has been in business since 2001 and is currently in 47 States. Since we began tracking our saving to heroes in 2009, we have been able to give back over 5 million dollars to our nation’s heroes.  We have carefully controlled our growth, enabling us to place just the right Realtors, Lenders and other affiliated business partners in cities around the country. Our goal is the highest level of service for our Heroes.

Who qualifies as a Hero? - Our core group of “heroes” include military personnel (both active duty and retired), teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, Doctors and Nurses.

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Jumbo Loans Now Have Lower Rates than Conventional Loans!

Doug Haldeman Show webThe Doug Haldeman Mortgage Team is now the premier lender for Jumbo Loans in Missouri.  Powered by Cherry Creek Mortgage and their status as a Top 25 Mortgage Lender nationally, we are now able to offer jumbo loans at rates that are lower than conventional loans.

Jumbo loans are loans that exceed $417,000, which is the conforming loan limit through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Conforming means that the loans conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines.  Conforming loans are also called conventional loans.  Jumbo loans are referred to as non-conforming loans because they don’t have to “conform” to Fannie or Freddie guidelines.

In the past, most jumbo loans were adjustable rate loans.  Now, we can offer a 30 year fixed interest rate that is lower than the market rate.  Many affluent homeowners that are in adjustable rate loans now have a chance to secure a fixed rate at historically low levels.

With the government printing money at record rates, it is very likely that rates will be going up over the next several years.  Now is the time to consider moving to a fixed interest rate.  Reach out to us and our team will help analyze your situation to see if you are a good candidate.

Call us at (314)472-DOUG (3684) or email me directly at .




Don’t Avoid Your Recall Notice

stephen schultz show cardStephen Schultz from Schultz & Myers gives us the tips we need for Recalls on cars, toys, and many other items.  Make sure you don’t get caught off guard by not acting on the notices!

If you’ve been injured and need advice, call Stephen Schultz and his team at Schultz & Myers right away.  314-444-4444


Reducing Halloween Liability with Stephen Schultz

stephen schultz show cardStephen Schultz from Schultz & Myers helps us reduce our liability and avoid accidents during the Halloween season.

Don’t forget to download our humorous Halloween Liability and Indemnification Agreement!

For legal advice, be sure to reach out to Stephen Schultz and his team at Schultz & Myers.


Be on the look-out for Roof Fraud!

Roof Fraud Protect your home with good roofing Avoiding Roofing Fraud and Schemes The occurrence of roofing fraud is becoming alarmingly prevalent across the United Sates. Oftentimes, these schemes target the elderly or follow a natural disaster. When a homeowner is concerned about finances, or doesn’t know how to arrange roof repair or replacement after a storm, the too-good-to-be-true claims of fake contractors can appear helpful. Read More »

Preparing for Your Climb to the Top

Mount EverestAlison Levine made an amazing trek to the top of Mount Everest, a feat most of us cannot even imagine attempting. She recently spoke about the experience, describing extensive preparations she had to make for the climb.

The human body, she explained, cannot tolerate the extremely high altitude and unusual atmospheric conditions of Mount Everest without first undergoing months of preparation. Climbers cannot just grab mountain climbing gear and begin the ascent. Much is needed for the body to achieve readiness. Read More »

7 Ways Parents Can Be Good Money Role Models

Putting_money_into_a_piggybankEveryone views smart financial practices differently, and what’s an effective strategy for one parent doesn’t necessarily work for another. While there’s no official rulebook, consider these five ways parents can become better financial role models. 1.  Live on a Written Budget. Take the time to write out your family budget and get the family involved on how the finances are spent. 2.   Be open about your financial situation. Although children like sweets, you don’t have to sugarcoat the truth about your family’s financial standing. “Teach your kids about money from objective reality,” says Steve Siebold, author of “How Rich People Think.” “It’s a nice thought to say everyone – regardless of financial status – has access to all the good things in life. It’s also naïve and untrue.” Instead of trying to shield your kids from your household budget, include them in the decision-making process on when to save and when to spend money. Read More »

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